Keep Teaching: Virtual Library Instruction Resources

Additional Resources

University Libraries is in the process of developing an Instructor Resources site. While still a work in progress, this site may be helpful if you are looking for content (such as video tutorials) to incorporate into an instruction session or course.  

In addition, ODEE has created a dynamic siteKeep Teaching, to support course instructors in the transition to online teaching. We recommend this site especially for those who may be teaching credit courses. 

There is also a Keep Learning site directed at students. If you get general questions from students about their options or the support available to them, this may be a great place for them to get started.

The University's Teaching and Learning Resource Center provides guidance on a number of teaching topics, and includes a guide to CarmenZoom and CarmenCanvas

Getting Started

This guide was created to support University Libraries' faculty and staff to provide virtual instruction and outreach for the 2020-21 academic year. Click on any of the questions on the left to be taken a page with resources.
As you plan your instruction, you are also encouraged to review the Considerations for Instruction and Outreach document developed by the Teaching & Learning Committee, which outlines guidelines and recommendations for synchronous and asynchronous instruction. 

How can I get help?

If you are a member of the University Libraries faculty or staff, you can contact the following individuals for additional assistance:

  • Jane Hammons (.73)
    • Instructional redesign, online teaching and learning technologies
  • Amanda Larson (.581)
    • Open or affordable resources, including those available through University Libraries
  • Hanna Primeau (.8)
    • Instructional redesign, online teaching and learning technologies, CarmenCanvas
  • Diana Ramey (.51)
    • CarmenCanvas, LibGuides

If you are not sure who you need, contact the Teaching & Learning Department at