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What is LibWizard?

A Springshare tool, LibWizard allows you to create interactive digital learning objects. It has 4 parts to it: forms, surveys, quizzes, tutorials & assessments. You can see below how you can use each of these options.

  • Forms: Ideal for simple data collection.
  • Surveys: Ideal for complex data collection.
  • Quizzes: Includes all the elements of Forms and Surveys but has added features such as automated grading, self-grading so users can instantly see how they did, required correct answers with helpful clues, time limits and page controls, and advanced reporting.
  • Tutorials & Assessments: Allows you to create tutorials that include websites, images, videos, and interactive content.

LibWizard is available to University Libraries faculty and staff. To request a LibWizard account, contact

How do I start with Libwizard?

Examples of LibWizard Quiz content

Examples of LibWizard Quiz only content:

Examples of LibWizard tutorial and assessment content

Examples of LibWizard Tutorial content:

CarmenCanvas Modules

Using CarmenCanvas, you can create interactive modules that can be shared through CanvasCommons. Instructors can then upload modules into their courses. 

If you are not familiar with CarmenCanvas and are interested in creating a module, it is recommended that you contact