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The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop

50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Brick Logo

The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop 

"In the rec room of an apartment building on Sedgwick Avenue, an eighteen-year-old Clive Campbell throws a back-to-school party with his younger sister Cindy.  Friends and neighbors dance to the familiar sounds of artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and The Meters — only something has changed.  Behind two turntables, Clive, better known as DJ Kool Herc, plays two copies of the same record, a technique known as the merry-go-round where one moves back and forth, from one record to the next, looping the percussion portions of each track to keep the beat alive.
And amongst this community of dancers, artists, musicians and poets…"

The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop – 50 years of Hip Hip Culture

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50 Years of Hip Hop

50 Years of Hip-Hop

"A party in the Bronx on August 11th, 1973 is widely considered to be the birthplace of hip-hop. The art form has since touched every corner of our world and evolved into one of the most significant cultural forces today. 50 Years of Hip-Hop, hosted by KEXP's Larry Mizell Jr, celebrates the anniversary by highlighting a different year of its history each week. Jumping around the timeline from 1973 to today, expect personal reflections, iconic tracks and albums, and conversations around the genesis of the culture."

NPR Podcasts 

The Book of HOV Brooklyn Public Library Exhibit

The Book of HOV: A celebration of the life and work of Shawn "JAY-Z" Carter

The Book of HOV

"Brooklyn Public Library is pleased to present The Book of HOV, an installation created by Roc Nation to celebrate the life and work of Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. One of Brooklyn's most influential figures, JAY-Z has shaped and consistently redefined hip-hop, music and culture on a global scale. The Book of HOV features never-before-seen images, art and ephemera from the artist's archives, providing an unparalleled look at an extraordinary life and career. This free, immersive experience is one of the only installations of its scope to be housed in an active public space and features text, audio and curation by Roc Nation teams and partners."

The Book of HOV

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